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Q.  Why is PCR testing the gold standard for covid-19 diagnosis?

A.  Both the PCR and wrap it in tissue tests have benefits and shortcomings. Optimally it should be used at appropriate times for detection of the virus. PCR testing amplifies a very small amount of viral matter to detect the virus. As a result, the PCR test has very few false negatives. However, the PCR test can sometimes remain positive after infection for several weeks. On the other hand, rapid antigen tests have frequent false positives. Perhaps as much as 50% with the Omicron variant of Coronavirus. The rapid antigen test, Despite being by people when they are symptomatic, should optimally be used in a sequential fashion (one test followed by another several day later) to test for exposure.  The PCR test is better at detecting infection and is significantly more accurate.

Q. How can I test myself?

A.  These new PCR tests do not require posterior nasal cavity probing. The polypropylene swab can be placed in the interior nose for minimal discomfort and can be done on yourself.

Q.  What do I get in a test kit?

A.  Depending on your subscription, you will get a certain number of test kits containing the polypropylene Swab, a test tube with viral extraction liquid inside, labels, and instructions.

Q.  Do I need to provide my insurance?

A. Some health insurers are reimbursing laboratories for the cost of testing. We require, if you have active health insurance, to provide us with this information, although it will not affect your subscription. 

Q.  How can you get the results to me so quickly?

A.  The large commercial Laboratories are inundated with testing and are taking 5 to 7 Days minimally for results. We use a small laboratory that can provide 24 to 48-hour turnaround After we receive the sample.

Q.  How do I get to sample to you?

A.  It is your responsibility to return the sample to us. Whatever way you send it to us, (Express or regular mail, for example), we will process it and have a result for you within 24 to 48 hours.   Your test kits will include instructions for returning your sample.

Q.  Are my results certified?

A. Yes, your results are certified by a medical doctor and you will receive a written report.   This can be used as proof of Health for travel,  elective hospital and dental services, school return, etc. 

Q. Can I discuss my results with a physician?

A.  Yes, you will be given access to a physician by text message or email who can provide you with information about your results and any Covid-19 specific treatment or isolation recommendations that may be necessary.

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